Three Roll Fix Axis

Special Features

The machine frame is built from all tested steel plate material and the same is subjected to stress releaving, sand blasting and epoxy primer painted for corrosion free long lasting machine life .

The complete body is machined in cnc machine to achieve built in accuracy.

The control desk is Conveniently located on the machine and all functions like roll pressing, roll rotation,conical attachment movement, and drop end can be controlled / performed freom the same desk.

A single person can easily handle the machine till complete rolling of plate is done.

A strudy and robust drop end made out of tested steel rolled plates is designed to give ease and convenience of function .

The opening between top and bottom roll is maximum in this type of machine which makes it most convenient to remove rolled shell from machine without any hurdle.

A heavy duto hold mechanism ensure perfect horizontal poison of roller when drop end is open and is in releases position for removal of rolled shell.

Also the bottom rolls are driven with the help of planatory gear box and hi torque generating hydraulic motors coupled in line with the rolls avoiding any secondary transimittion gear train and thus eliminate wear and tear ,transmission losses and need of continious lubrication( common in conventional machine)

Due to minimum no of parts required to drive rollers the need for spares is minimized.

The top roll can be tilted to great degree of inclination making it most convenient and ease to remove rolled shells without any difficulty.

A dual cone bending device are provided as shpown The device provided between bottom rolls is used for cone rolling with narrow smaller diameter of cone

The device provided on outer place is more usuful for cone with comparatively bigger diameter on smaller side of cone.

The cone bending attachment on frame is more usefull for bigger diameter cone rolling.

The best in this type of machine is “Y” support which supports bottom rolls from inside and outside to resist bottom roll from deflection under heavy pressing load from top roll Also a longer bottom roll support prevents any scratch marks on roller due to morew area in contact wiyh roll and due to less force per area. The support rollers are mounted in heavy duty roll are mounted in heavy duty bearings to eliminate / reduce friction between rolls.

A specially designed heavy duty section bending attachment can be provided on trequest Section like angle, channel, beams, pipes of flat section can be rolled with ease

The average capacity is about 30 % higher than any other such machine in market

Standard Equipments

For all our machines we use bearings to eliminate frictional loss in power transmission.

Other machines in market using bush as resting media are most in efficient since lot of power is wasred in over comoing loss due to positive frictiob between roll and bush .

Hydraulic system for all our machine is designed to deliver the ultimate force and torque for the applied electrical power.The power pack is specially designed for plate bending machine application.

The very basic machine is provided with simple control panel and manual hydraulic control for a small fabrication shop

The other control can electrical with push button and joy stick for more vease of operations

The advanced machine can be provided with PLC and HMI to automate the the regularly required rolling needs.

Small and medium diameter conical shell with heavy thickness can easily be rolled in this machine which other wise not easily possible in other machine.