Three Roll Fix Axis

Standard Featues

  • Both the bottom rolls are driven rolls
  • All rolls are mounted on heavy duly ball bearing .Total 4 bearing per roller
  • Fully hydraulically operated machine requires less input power compared to electro hydraulic
  • Separate digital roll position meter for each side of roll makes it easy to maintain parallelism between top and bottom roll
  • Extra heavy central support with bearing to resist point load on roller and for longer roller life
  • Hydraulically operated drop end frame for ease of job removal
  • A single person can operate the machine while rolling

Optional Features

  • Hardened rolls up to 52-55 RC
  • Tilt able top roll for ease of removal of duly rolled shells
  • Cone bending arrangement between bottom rolls for smaller diameter cone rolling
  • Extra heavy cone bending arrangement on frame for bigger diameter cone rolling
  • Electrical control panel with moving trolley for all around access to operator
  • PLC controls for automatic bending and rolling
  • All 3 rolls positively driven for thin material rolling
  • Extended shaft for section rolling die mounting for rolling of section like angle, channel, beams, flats, pipes, bar etc.


  • Specially developed low cost economical hydraulic systems a perfect machine for small engineering work shop
  • Since the top roll is moved with hydraulic pressure the rolling defect like ovality,apple effect correcion is easily possible.
  • Due to more power available by hydraulic systems the cycle can be completed in single pass or with minimum no of passes reducing overall operation timefor rolling.
  • Variable speed of rolling for slow speed for heavy plate thickness rolling and vise a versa.
  • Only single person can operate machine after plate feeding and up to rolled shell removal.


  • Small engineering workshop willing to invest less still automate rolling .
  • Open type rolling requiring mass production qty.
  • Can use as a straightening machine for pre formed material for reuse
  • Can use where different operations like pre bending, rolling, material straightening ,Conical rolling, section rolling need to be carried out in single machine.