Three Roll Planetary Axis

Special Features

Planetry Guides

Since the machine in consideration has a planatory axis movement of pressure rolls the force applied to clamp / pinch the plate and also to form radiouse is much higher due to leverage available and can perform better compared to rectilinear guide type machine.

Conical Bending

As a standard available feature for conical bending/rolling the one side of pressure rolls are tilted to desired angle and smaller side of cone can be rolled on this side

As a special requirement the machine with roll tilting facility from both side can also be provided on request.

Tiltable top roll can also be provided in machine as special feature for machine having longe bed length than 1500 mm roll table to ease of rolled shell removal

All our machines come with ball bearing fitted on rolls as roll support for rotation which reduces friction and more power is available for work.

Many machine in market are still using bush as a roll support wasting lot of power to overcome friction between sliding surface ane are less efficient machines

All our machines with electrical and PLC based controls a special feature is incorporated for pressure roll synchronization to achieve perfect parallel between top roll and pressure roll

All our PLC machines are fitted with proportional valve and can achieve synchronization up to 0.2 mm within both side of pressure roll

The electrical mode machine has a control desk with digital meter showing roll position of both the pressure rolls.

The PLC mode machine has the pressure roll position indicated on HMI

With the help of this position meter one can get repetitive results for same size of rolling by maintaining pressure roll position values

We have in house facility for precise roll machining and grinding