3 Roll Planetary Axis

Working Principle


General Description

The three roll Planetary axis is a three roll machine having pre pinching/pre bending facility within the machine.

The plate can be inserted from one side and is clamped between top roll and one of the pressure roll for a firm grip and the another pressure roll advances further to form desired radious of shell.

The same procedure is repeated but on another side of plate to form desired radiouse.

After having done pre pinchind the plate is formed in to circular shape by rolling and further pressing of pressure rolls and by forward and reverse movement of rotation by rolls.

Usually a shell is formed in multiple passes of rolling by forward and reverse movement of rolls in rotary motion.

It is also possible to form shell in a single pass provided the pressure roll position is well known for particular size of shell rolling by regular practice and experience.

The PLC based machine is most suitable for repetitive type of jobs and shapes required regularly Other shapes can also be forme in this machine in single pass like square, polycentric,elliptical or open rolling.