Three Roll Section Bending

Special Features

Planetary guides for Dies

Thanks to the planetary guide swing arm type working principle

Due to swing arm movement the force being applied by hydraulic cylinder is much more because of leverage available or for the same force the input power needed is less

Also there are very few moving parts and there are no friction creating surfaces as in rectilinear guide type systems the overall maintenance cost is much reduces

Movable Centre console

The different model than are available are as under
1.manual hand lever operated machine (as shown in the image)
2. Electrically operated with joy stick and push button
3 . PLC with HMI

As a special requirement the machine with roll tilting facility from both side can also be provided on request.

Gear boxes

All our 3 roll section bending machine comes as a all 3 rolls positively driven by planetary gear box and hydraulic motor directly mounted on roller shaft.

Hydraulic cylinder

The adjustable support is provided at the nearest possible point adjacent to pinch roll,Which helps to bend the trailing end of section up to the end leaving a minimum portion unbent.