Three Roll Variable Axis

Special Features

Since all three rolls and both side of each roll can move independently makes the machine most versatile giving advantage as under

It can work as a press to bend or to straighten metal plate

It can correct the uneven defect on both sides separately which is possible to occur in welding as a distortion due to heat input .

Precise Rolling

As a standard available feature for coniocal bending/rolling the one side of pressure rolls are tilted to desired angle and smaller side of cone can be rolled on this side

As a special requirement the machine with roll tilting facility from both side can also be provided on request.

All critical components are verified & Analysis is done thr uh s imulat ion software. Safety Factor is consider to ensure long machine working life.

Drop end movement for shell removal

The hydraulically operated drop end is provided to facilitate rolled shell removal special arrangement is given to hold the top roll in perfectly horizontal position.If special need arises we can supply machine with tilt able top roll.

Standard Equipments


All our machine is manufactured as per international accepted standard of manufacturing which also involves use of ball bearings as standard.

All our machines are built with rolls housed in extra wide bearing housing and having two bearings per side and total 4 bearings per roll

Gear boxes

All our medium and heavy duty plate bending machine comes with three rolls positively driven with planetary gear box and hi torque delivering hydraulic motor mounted in line with roller axis avoiding any secondary transmission and loss of power.

Hydraulic System

Only standard and reputed make of hydraulic components are used in plate bending machines manufactured by us.

Induction Hardened Rollers

Hardened rolls can be provided as a special request and rolls are induction hardened to 52-55 RC surface hardness.

The material used for hardened rolls is of special grade alloy steel forged/rolled which give excellent surface hardness for wear resistance and tough core to resist any permanent deformation of rolls under load

The PLC used in our machine are of reputed make and a program is developed specially suitable for plate bending machine.

The various feature of PLC controls are as under Automatic roll speed compensation Pre programmed recipe for different shapes memory storage capacity for 100 programs