Three Roll Variable Axis

Standard Featues

  • All 3 rolls can be inclined on both the side
  • Top roll positively driven through directly mounted gear box and hydraulic motor
  • Hydraulic brakes for bottom rolls to avoid any slippage of material while rolling.
  • All rolls are mounted in heavy duly ball bearings
  • Heavy duty reinforced steel frame duly stress relieved and epoxy painted
  • Roll parallelism maintained by use of proportional valves and specially developed hydraulic system.
  • Heavy duty travelling central roller support
  • Automatic force lubrication.

Optional Features

  • All 3 rolls can be positively driven
  • Automatic roll speed compensation
  • Induction hardened rolls hardness up to 52-55 RC
  • Conical bending device for small reduced side bending/ rolling


  • Plate material is always horizontal which makes it safe to work with this type of machine.
  • Lower working height due to different type of machine working principle
  • No need of machine foundation up to 50 mm plate rolling
  • Cone bending capacity is up to 80 % of banding capacity by shift and press method and since all three rolls are tilting rolls.
  • The top roll works as a press which enables plate straightening also
  • Due to machine geometry it is possible to roll higher capacity material by increasing bottom roll centre distance


  • Railway: water tank, tankar, coach bogie wall profile bending/rolling
  • Automobile: silencers, fuel tanks, mufflers
  • Offshore: drill rings
  • Storage: silos,tanks
  • General engineering: Pressure vessal,boiler, tanks, piping, filter body
  • Earth moving: Excavator bucket, road roller drum, mobile compactors