Four Roll Planetary Axis

Special Features

Another advantage of 4 roll plate bending machine is it is left with a smaller straight edge after prebending since the plate is clamped nearer to pressure roll.

In 3 roll machine this straight is more since distance between clamping roll and pressure roll is more compared to 4 roll machine.

It is possible to roll tightest possible diameter in 4 roll plate bending machine compared any other machine having only 3 rolls.

It is important and advisable to consider machine with tilt able top roll particularly when rolling smaller diameter and longer products since roller tilt makes it easy to remove completed shells

Conical Bending Attachment

As a standard available feature for coniocal bending/rolling the one side of pressure rolls are tilted to desired angle and smaller side of cone can be rolled on this side

As a special requirement the machine with roll tilting facility from both side can also be provided on request.

As shown,the roll need to get inclined to on one side to pre determined angle to form conical shape .

The cones can be rolled vary easily on 4 roll plate bending machine, however capacity reduces to 40 % of machine capacity in terms length and thickness.

Drop end movement

The extra wide drop end prevents deflection of top roll against pre bending loads.

Single Pass Rolling

It is most challenging to form repeatable same size and form of rolling in a single pass ,but thanks to 4 roll planetary axis machine working pattern which makes it possible to consistently same rolling results piece after piece provided the material specifications are maintained same throughout the batch.

All our machine is manufactured as per international accepted standard of manufacturing which also involves use of ball bearings as standard.

All our machines are built with rolls housed in extra wide bearing housing and having two bearings per side and total 4 bearings per roll.

All our medium and heavy duty plate bending machine comes with three rolls positively driven with planetary gear box and hi torque delivering hydraulic motor mounted in line with roller axis avoiding any secondary transmission and loss of power

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic system for all our machine is designed to deliver the ultimate force and torque for the applied electrical power.The power pack is specially designed for plate bending machine application.

Hydraulic System

All our machines with electrical and PLC based controls a special feature is incorporated for pressure roll synchronization to achieve perfect parallel between top roll and pressure roll

All our PLC machines are fitted with proportional valve and can achieve synchronization up to 0.2 mm within both side of pressure roll

Induction hardened rollers

Hardened rolls can be provided as a special request and rolls are induction hardened to 52-55 RC surface hardness.

The material used for hardened rolls is of special grade alloy steel forged/rolled which give excellent surface hardness for wear resistance and tough core to resist any permanent deformation of rolls under load.

All shown Shapes are easily possible in four roll plate bending Machine & After Establishing Different parameter for Products, components can be saved & can be recalled for bending as & When Required.