Four Roll Planetary Axis

Standard Featues

  • Both top and bottom rolls are positively driven by in line mounted planetary gear box and hydraulic motor
  • Roll parallelism maintained by solid linkage mechanism
  • Digital display for roll position for ease of rolling and for fast rolling of repetitive type components.
  • Spherical roller bearings are used as standard in all our models.
  • Heavy duty reinforced steel frames duly stress relieved and epoxy painted after sand blasting

Optional Features

  • Electronic proportional balancing using hydraulic system specially developed for plate bending machine
  • 3 roll or all 4 rolls positively driven by line mounted planetary gear box and hydraulic motor
  • Induction Hardened rolls for 52-55 RC hardness
  • Conical bending device
  • Provision for section rolling
  • Section bending dies


  • Horizontal plate feeding in to the machine
  • Rolls are directly driven with in line mtg gear box and motor avoiding any power loss which is there in secondary transmission type drive unit.
  • The constant pinch bottom roll makes it possible to roll material withou use of over head crane for smaller components
  • A rapid and repetitive cycle enables mass production of standard rolling requirement
  • Swing arm type system which has less friction bearing parts compared to rectiliniar guide type machines .Hence more reliable and less maintenance required.
  • The flat edges are shortest possible within all type of bending machine
  • Auto squaring is possible due to the opposite roll working as a reference roll
  • Tighter most diameter is sometimes at 1.1 times the top roll diameter
  • Low maintenance due to very less moving parts


  • Railway: water tank, tankar, coach bogie wall profile bending/rolling Automobile: silencers, fuel tanks, mufflers',
  • Offshore: drill rings
  • Storage: silos,tanks,
  • General engineering: Pressure vessal,boiler, tanks, piping, filter body
  • Earth moving: Excavator bucket, road roller drum, mobile compactors